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Starmaxx Blades & Razors is a Personal care Brand of STARMAXX UK.

Starmaxx blades and razors were launched in early 2023 across the GCC region, the expansion to the global markets has been well received and the products are now embraced by customers across Asia, Africa, Europe, USA and the Middle east & GCC within a short span. 

STARMAXX UK LTD is an ISO certified company (ISO 9001:2015). Our Brand is renowned for its quality, design, XXTRA features, making us a recognized name in the Men’s grooming industry.

STARMAXX gained popularity among Salon Barbers due to its reliable quality and performance. Customers and professional barbers quickly became loyal to the brand and demanded more variants in Platinum and Stainless Steel, along with different packaging options to suit diverse market needs.

STARMAXX currently offers Premium quality Double-edge, Single-Edge, Pillar packs and professional Salon Razor manufactured to world-class quality standards and internationally acclaimed designs.

STARMAXX continuously innovates and meets market expectations by introducing new variants. In the near future, the brand plans to introduce new Disposable Razors with a new design further expanding the category.


We promise to fulfil your dreams of feel good and make extra efforts in all horizons of mankind

Mani Nair

Chief executive officer (CEO)

Mani Nair is a seasoned professional with 30+ years of experience in business development and marketing. As a leader and analytical problem solver, he excels in team building, motivating others, and fostering excellent customer relations

Mani Nair has successfully introduced renowned brands like Eurostar, Eurobox, Euromax. With a proven track record in successful marketing campaigns across the GCC and Africa.

Mani Nair is a recognized marketing evangelist. He brings sound judgment, independent decision-making skills, and a dedication to enhancing employee engagement and performance. With his expertise and passion, Mani Nair drives growth and success by translating ideas into tangible results, elevating the brands he represents.

STARMAXX,XXTRA Brands in the portfolio offers a complete and comprehensive Men’s Grooming products with international quality standards and all of their products are manufactured in world class facilities across India and China.